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From the archive: Not far from anywhere

Before starting this new blog at the turn of the year, I used to have another blog which dated back to before I started teaching. I was looking through my old posts, some of which are sat offline, and I found... Continue Reading →


This much I know…about John Tomsett’s book on teaching

I am 28 years old, I have been teaching for five years and this much I know about John Tomsett's book on teaching. John Tomsett is the headteacher of a large comprehensive school in York. He has been blogging about his... Continue Reading →

Musings from Martha’s Vineyard

Just as the President has his 'Summer White House' on Martha's Vineyard, I am also vacationing on this lovely Massachusetts island. The lovely thing about holidays is having some time and space to think... ____________ Fascination I have long been fascinated with... Continue Reading →

My Election

It has been four days since the General Election. I am just getting around to putting some thoughts down in words. This is not a thorough and complete story, just five reflections on the campaign, other events around the campaign... Continue Reading →


I have been meaning to commit some thoughts to paper on the theme of progress for some time. In part because of time and in part, I think, because of the nature of the theme, that post has not come... Continue Reading →

New site for the New Year

Thanks for visiting my new website and blog. I'll be adding content in the near future, so please do call back when you can.

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