I do enjoy writing and frequently berate myself for not writing more. One of the main barriers to my writing, or so I would have it, are reading, or rather browsing. I hear something discussed, watch something, or read a mention within an article and will often track down further information. I also see links on Twitter, Facebook and such like and find I do lots of reading without even opening a book or starting on a long-read.

Here are some of the links I find myself returning to more often:

New Statesman – excellent website covering current affairs and culture. I particularly enjoy reading work by Helen Lewis, Ed Smith and John Gray. As well as the main website, City Metric also satisfies my interest in all things urban.

Royal Society of Arts – a couple of years ago I was sat at the lunch following a meeting of the Court of Lancaster University. I was chatting to a couple of fellow members and one suggested that I join the RSA. Having come across some of the articles and videos on their website before, it didn’t take much to persuade me to join and I have been a Fellow since then. For the web materials alone I find my Fellowship to be great value for money. If nothing else, I am fascinated by the breadth of ideas and issues which so many brilliant people are working on, which is represented by the events and writings organised by the RSA. The use of digital media goes some way to addressing the London-centric nature of much of the society’s activities. If time permitted I would get more involved in regional networks and activities.

Douglas Wise – Educational Reader’s Digest – this is one of those websites which I would be delighted to have come up with the idea for it! Quite simply, Douglas Wise somehow finds the time to collate together all of the new blog posts from educationalists, organised by theme, and provides an update to subscribers each week. As somebody who normally comes across blogs of interest via Twitter, this offers a great gateway to many good pieces which I might otherwise miss.

John Tomsett – This much I know… – I came across John’s blog through Twitter and subsequently read his first book (which I review here), which remains one of my favourite educational reads. His posts offer so much wisdom gained through experience that I always find his writing to be thought-provoking and reaffirming of the importance of teaching.

Tom Sherrington – Teacher Head – another blog from a headteacher (I know, ideas above my station…) which offers so many tried and tested ideas. Like John Tomsett’s blog, I also appreciate the humanity which Tom shows through his writing and welcome his courage in challenging the status quo.

To be added to.