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Councillor Ryan Bate

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Unite to Remain backs Ryan

November 11, 2019 12:00 PM

Ryan with EU flag ()

The national Unite to Remain project, designed to return as many pro-Remain MPs as possible at the coming General Election, has backed Ryan Bate and the Liberal Democrats in Warrington South.

Warrington South is one of the sixty seats in England and Wales that will benefit from the 'Unite to Remain' agreement.

The Green Party has agreed to step aside in this constituency to give the pro-Remain Liberal Democrat, Ryan Bate, a boost.

Ryan says, "I am delighted with this arrangement which will help elect more pro-Remain MPs in the next Parliament. I am very grateful to the local Green Party for agreeing to this. It shows that both our Parties are putting the national interest above party politics.

We have our differences with the Green Party but we are at one in our commitment to remain in Europe and to combating climate change. These are the two biggest issues facing us at present. This is an exciting day for those in Warrington who are committed to standing together to stop Brexit. The Liberal Democrats would invest the £50 billion Remain bonus in our public services and building a Brighter Future. People in Warrington would benefit from more money invested in our children's education, tackling the climate emergency and properly funding our mental health services.

I am now the only Remain candidate in Warrington South. Corbyn is a Brexiteer and Labour's policy on Europe is totally confusing. His claim to be 'real change' stretches incredulity and if anything he represents the tired old politics he pretends to fight against. His promise to get Brexit sorted is ridiculous. Both Labour and the Tories are offering two competing versions of the past led by leaders who bitterly divide their parties and our country."