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Analyse this: results and relationships

As with any busy time for any person, my head is full of thoughts, many of which seem to be flying in different directions! I am now a week into my second year as a Head of Geography, with a... Continue Reading →


Place Studies (Work in progress)

As part of the new A-Level course, my class are studying 'Changing Places'. It is refreshing and daunting to be teaching the quite challenging concepts involved with place. A further novel aspect of the new topic is the requirement of... Continue Reading →

On Reflection – Monday 30th January

So, I have a new guilty pleasure. I've discovered that my Amazon Echo, via a service called TuneIn, can pick up a US radio station called WCAI, part of their National Public Radio network. I know the station from visiting... Continue Reading →

On Reflection…Trump

Everybody is commenting about Trump. They're talking about his plans (or lack of), his unpredictability, his fitness for office, his government appointments. They're talking about what his election says about America, what the consequences of Trump might be for the... Continue Reading →

On Reflection

Whirlwind of a week, again. The temptation is not to write, but in such a busy period, finding some time to reflect is actually really important. Leadership and management So, I've started a new online module for my middle leadership... Continue Reading →

On Reflection…

There is nothing original. I occasionally visit Duncan Green's Oxfam blog about development, I noticed he has a regular feature called 'Links I Liked'. What a great way to briefly discuss things that have made an impression on you that... Continue Reading →

Clearer resolution

Ok, so I'm prone to over-thinking and to procrastination. I enjoy distraction. I like to hop from idea-to-idea, task-to-task, like a butterfly from leaf-to-leaf. For instance, I am mid-pile of mock exam marking and my mind has wandered back to... Continue Reading →

2016 comes to a close

As 2016 nears its end, I am left with the same frustration cum resolution - how to do more with that most precious commodity of all: time. It was like it was before, only maybe a little busier. Some of the... Continue Reading →

How change happens – some initial thoughts

Last Thursday, I took some sixth formers along to Chester University to hear Duncan Green launch his new book, How Change Happens. Having heard Duncan speak at a Geographical Association conference a few years ago and having dipped into his previous... Continue Reading →

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