Ok, so I’m prone to over-thinking and to procrastination. I enjoy distraction. I like to hop from idea-to-idea, task-to-task, like a butterfly from leaf-to-leaf. For instance, I am mid-pile of mock exam marking and my mind has wandered back to a conversation I was having this afternoon. We were out for a walk and we got onto the subject of food and diets. It reminded me of a few resolutions that I have made for 2017. Having previously thought (and wrote) that I wouldn’t be making hard and fast resolutions, I have changed my mind. I still intend to make the most of time, as I’d previously written, but I have come up with some ‘SMART’-er targets to focus that ‘macro-resolution’ (the fact I have just, spontaneously, come up with the idea of macro- and micro-resolutions excites me far more than it should – there’s another book that won’t get written). Anyway, my ‘micro-resolutions’:

  1. No new books – I have hundreds of books and don’t need anymore until I’ve read some more of the ones I already have. This is partly motivated by space, but also makes good financial sense. I can look forward to trawling my bookshelves to pick my next read and still have magazines, papers and the Internet to keep me sustained!
  2. No takeaways – I was wasting too much money and eating far too badly, plus I was using it as an easy way out of cooking. I want to try more cooking and also try to shop more regularly to help with this. I work across the road from a supermarket and my local shop is a ten minute walk each way, which is a good idea in itself.
  3. No pies at the pub – this is a really micro-resolution, but was a bad habit I’d got into of having a pork pie at my local when I called in for a drink or to watch the football. I would imagine that without my consumption, they’ll cancel the order and so the temptation may go away!!
  4. Play more staff football on a Friday – having played every week at Bridgewater, I’ve not done so at Birchwood, partly due to the shift from indoor small sided to outdoor larger sides. Time to stop making excuses and do the exercise!
  5. No coke in the house – again, having it there makes it far easy to drink pints of the stuff. I don’t drink on a school night, so will often have a coke if I go to watch the footy or to do the quiz. So it makes sense to leave this as something I do when I’m out. Just helps cut down.

So yes, five little targets to get into better habits. Four of which are food/fitness related. This links back to the conversation because t’other half was talking about various dietary and nutritional advice and I was saying just how little I knew and how much information there is out there. I thought it’d be a really good job to put together a ‘Blokes Book of Diets’, which just aimed to provide clear information in a quickly accessible way, so people have a better idea about the benefits and drawbacks of different types of food and drink. I am sure I’m not the only one who likes to have a little more knowledge and understanding of why they’re changing habits, as this knowledge will help us focus. So, I’m making myself a hostage to fortune – I’m going to try to put together said book and, of course, I can’t buy any new books to help me, so I’ll be reliant on the Internet (and the library!) for research. I’m not going to give myself a deadline, because I’m a busy person, but I’m going to try and put the advice into practical use myself, which I can then use to underpin the book. I have lost over two stone in weight before, alas there is little evidence of that left, but I have some ideas on what works and what doesn’t, so it’ll be quite interesting as I try to lose weight again how much the research helps (or not). I’ll probably end up posting some pieces on here about it, so feedback would be welcomed! Now where’s that chocolate-topped pizza?